About Casey

Eighteen years in the making, Los Angeles-based sultry pop artist Casey Baer is ready to step into the spotlight. Inspired by her relationships and the experiences of her teen years, Casey has packaged up those feelings and delivered a beautifully well-wrapped gift to her fans with honest lyrics, powerful vocals, and polished production to match. Her first single, Greatest Mistake, is an indicator of what’s to come – an unapologetic take on every teen’s formative years.

Her artistry is quickly catching the industry's attention leading her to work with talent like James Fauntleroy, Dave Stroud, Nick Lopez, Sanjoy Deb, Russell Ali, and Dru Decaro. She is growing quickly across social media largely due to her popular music cover videos, totaling 350,000+ views to date. The tide is rising faster as she unveils her own original music. She recently performed an unreleased song on KTLA and has received positive press from Tiger Beat, Sweety High, among other outlets.


Chas Stahl // Right Angle Entertainment